15 Difference Between Pound and Quid (With Table)

Every country has its currency which plays a crucial role in the economy. But some countries are going paperless due to the introduction of digital currencies.

Some of the popular paper currencies are pounds, dollars, yen, and euros. The pound and dollar are crucial currencies in many countries. But a pound usually confuses people with a quid.

So, what is the main difference between pound and quid? A pound is an official currency commonly used in the United Kingdom and England whereas a quid is a slang term used to refer to pound currency.

Keep in mind that the pound is among the oldest currencies in the world. It is also used in Egypt where a quid is a nickname. One quid is equivalent to 100 pence.

This article provides further differences between pound and quid in a tabular form. Take the time to read through it and have a deeper understanding of a quid vs pound.

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Difference Between Pound and Quid

Comparison Table (Pound vs Quid)

Basic Terms Pound Quid
Description It is the official currency established under the metric system of many countries. It is the nickname of a pound. The slang term is used to describe pound currency.
Origin Originated from the Latin word pounds which imply weight. Originated from a Latin word quid.
Establishment The term pound came into existence in the 8th Century. The term quid emerged in the 17th Century.
Prevalent United Kingdom


Egypt and many other countries.

Prevalent in all countries that accept pound currency.
Nicknames Quid, sterling, smacker, nicker, and sovereign Pound
Plural Pounds No plural term to describe a quid.
Value One pound is equal to 100 pence One quid is equal to 100 pence
History The pound has undergone several changes since Anglo-Saxon times. The term quid came into existence in the 17th C due to the dynamics in the English language.
Symbol £ symbol No symbol
Hidden Meaning It is the weight value of silver. The basic unit of money
Context Official Casual
Founders Anglo-Saxon kings Royal Mint at Quidhampton
The popularity of the term The United Kingdom and Egypt England
Commonly used by Upper-class people Lower class people
Usage of the term Reference to weight and money. Reference to money only

What Is a Pound?

A pound is the official currency of the United Kingdom, Egypt, England, and many other countries in the world. Keep in mind that this currency is the oldest in the world.

The Sterling pound is the monetary reserve of the United Kingdom. It is said to be the 4th held reserved currency in the world today.

The Bank of England is responsible for regulating sterling pounds. The currency has a symbol of £. The term pound came into existence around the 8th Century.

According to research, the word pound was derived from the Latin term poundus to mean weight. It is the reason why many Americans use it to refer to weight.

The changes in generations result in many nicknames to the currency such as quid, smacker, sovereign, and nicker. Countries like Australia previously use pounds before switching it.

Research shows that Australia abolished the pound currency in 1966 and switched to dollars. This is the currency monetary reserve being used up to today.

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What Is a Quid?

A quid is a slang word used to describe pound currency. Many people use the term as an alternative name of pound though it is casual.

One quid is equivalent to 100 pence which is similar to that of a pound. The mysterious world comes into existence in the 17th Century. Nobody knows the exact origin of the slang term.

There are some theories that suggest the word emerging from Italian immigrants into the United Kingdom. Most of these immigrants used the scudo term to refer to currency pounds.

Research shows that scudo was used in Italy to refer to coins in the 19th Century. Some theories suggest that quid originated from Latin to refer to the exchange of items.

Another historical research shows that quid originated from QuidHampton village in England. The village had a Royal Paper Mill where money was printed. It could be the reason behind the name.

Main Differences between Pound and Quid

  1. The pound is a legal currency while quid is a slang term for pound currency.
  2. Pound originated from the Latin word Poundus whereas there is no exact history for the origin of quid.
  3. The pound is the oldest currency established in the 8th Century while the quid came into existence in the 17th
  4. Pound currency is used in Egypt, England, and Lebanon whereas Quid is a term commonly used in all countries using pound currency.
  5. Pound nicknames are smackeroo, nicker, sterling, and sovereign while quid nickname is a pound.
  6. The pound is an official term for currency while quid is a casual term referring to pound currency.
  7. The pound is the weight value of silver while quid is a slang term for pound.

Similarities between Pound and Quid

  1. Both refer to the currency
  2. One pound or quid is equal to 100 pence.
  3. Both terms are used in countries using pound currency.
  4. Both are believed to have a Latin origin.
  5. Both terms refer to the exchange of items in ancient Rome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pounds Are in A Quid?

Quid is used to describe the British currency. Therefore, one pound is the same as one quid. The quid word came into existence at around 17th C with an unknown origin. One pound is equal to 100 pence.

How Much Is A Quid to A Dollar?

Quid is the nickname of pound currency. One sterling pound is equal to 1.40 American dollars. But the conversion rates are quite dynamic due to economical changes at that particular time.

What Is the Strongest World Currency?

Kuwaiti Dinar. It has the strongest value when compared to the American dollar. It is due to the heavy export of oil to the entire world. Kuwaiti is in the Persian Gulf between Iraq and Saudi.

Is the Pound Going to Get Stronger?

No really. The currency is being undervalued due to the uncertainty behind Brexit. The impact has made the currency more volatile than other currencies in Europe and United States.

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In Conclusion

The sterling pound history can be traced back to 775 A.D during the reign of King Anglo-Saxon. It is the period where silver was the mode of exchange and later adopted as a form of currency.

The pound was derived from the Latin word Libra which referred to weight. When an individual accumulated Libra Pondo was translated into pound weight. It is possible behind the symbol L or £.

Quid is typically used to describe one sterling pound. The slang word came into existence in the 17th Century after adoption from the scudo. The term was previously used by Italian immigrants.

Other scholars believed the word came from the Quidhampton village where the Royal Paper Mill was established to print money. It is possible that the paper money was described as quid.

The main difference between quid and pound is that quid is a slang term used to describe sterling pound currency while the pound is the official currency of Britain and other countries.

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